Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend with Preston

Uh Oh little shoes and an extra toothbrush means PRESTON'S IN THE HOUSE!!!

What a great surprise...Ryan came home Friday from Stillwater with an extra passenger. Preston told me he needed to see his Grammy and PaPa!  Well alrighty then, let the party begin:

Swimming first and of course
 you must have all the proper equipment,
including a Nemo swim cap, duck life jacket and
goggles that pinch the nose and squash the eye! :) wait we got two birds with one stone in the pool, and puzzle time, and snack time, and movie time,......Finally
We had a great night's sleep with Preston in-between Grammy and PaPa (sideways with all the covers). 

Bright and early Saturday morning Preston, Papa and Uncle Brock head out for the lake....

leaving Chipper and Grammy behind:(

Okay, so Chipper was sad....Grammy wasn't!

I took advantage of the quiet time with what else.....a good book.
Here is one you might not have read: "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton. It is a definite page turner. It jumps back and forth between 1913 and present day. You guessed it, it has a quaint cottage in a secret garden, and a bit of mystery. Oh and of course a love story. It is available in Hard back, paperback and for the Kindle. I happen to have it on my Kindle.

So we finished up the weekend with Sunday morning church, then lunch at home.

It was a weekend well spent. No laundry was done, no errands were run and certainly no cobwebs were dusted but... I hope years from now Preston has many special memories with Kaiser and I.  I hope he remembers when we read about far away places where amazing things happened. I hope he remembers putting puzzles together, playing hide and seek, and swimming. Most of all, I hope he remembers while sitting on his Grammy's lap....he fell in love with reading.

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