Thursday, December 8, 2011

Remember the Magic of Christmas

During my usual holiday reading, I came across a short story "Dakota Christmas" by Joseph Bottum. In the story the author reflects on the simple wonder and joy a child experiences Christmas morning. I began thinking about those Christmases long ago...remembering the joy of bounding out of bed to see what Santa had left beneath the tree. No artificial tree either. A real poky pine needle one with gobs of icicles placed helter skelter. We had a tradition of No one allowed in the living room until all parties were awake. My sister and I would start attempting to get my parents up around 4:00 a.m. We would creep into their room and whisper, "Mama can we get up now, can we see?" Once we got the approval, bare feet would race down the stairs and then the squealing would begin!

There really is nothing quite so beautiful and innocent as a child beneath the Christmas tree, brown eyes sparkling in anticipation. This little beauty is my sister.

What was your favorite toy? Was it a new bike with streamers on the handle bars, or an Easy Bake Oven? How about that  doll that cried, ate, and did "the buisness" like a real baby. Were you a cabbage patch kid, or a baby alive? I was a Barbie girl all the way. Did Santa leave the presents wrapped or unwrapped. What were your Christmas traditions and are you passing them on...or making new ones. I hope you are because those memories are the magic that is
....Christmas Morning....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kindle vs. Kindle Fire vs. IPad

Got my new Kindle Fire this past weekend and I simply LOVE it! True to it's advertisement it was ready straight out of the box. It had all the books that I had previously purchased for my original Kindle on it and was ready to read. Since the Kindle Fire was developed to compete with the IPad, everyone has been asking me which they should buy. Here are some of my observations. I by no means pretend that I am technologically savy. (In fact, I had to spell check technologically!)

(left to right) IPad, Kindle Fire, original Kindle

  • If all you want to do is read.... Get the Kindle, plain and simple for $79.
  • If your primary use will be reading but want to check your emails, browse the internet, and do a little social networking....You need the Kindle Fire. It was made for reading so the screen is superior to the IPad. I would not be able to read an entire book on the IPad. It is like a computer and it hurts my eyes after a short time. I can read my Kindle all day long (and often have, lol) and no eye strain.

    (left to right) Kindle Fire and the original Kindle
  • If the primary purpose of the device is for the internet with reading secondary...then get the IPad. It has a data plan so that you are connected to the internet where ever you go. The Kindle Fire works on WiFi only.
  • The IPad is about 2x larger than the Kindle Fire. Could be a good thing such as when your watching a movie...but could also be a bad thing such as when your trying to put it in your purse.
    (left to right) IPad and the Kindle Fire
  • The IPad is uncomfortable to hold for reading. The Kindle Fire feels like a book.
  • They both have the ability to play music (MP3, Pandora, Itunes), purchase apps and games, and rent or purchase movies.
  • The memory on the Kindle Fire is on the "cloud" or internet so it is unlimited. You can down load to the device but memory is limited.
  • The memory on the IPad is on the device...the amount depends on the IPad you purchase. More memory more dinero!
  • Speaking of money...the Kindle Fire wins big time here!
Kindle= $79     Kindle Fire= $199     IPad= $499-$829   

As I said earlier, I am no expert in technology. These are just some of my observations. After all I can barely plug in my curling iron. I will say this, I have had my Kindle Fire for four days and can navigate it pretty well. I am extremely happy with my purchase and I when I showed it to an IPad lover...I thought I saw some shades of envy!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Country Mouse/ City Mouse

 You all know the story of the little country mouse who decided to go to the city....well this little country mouse took a trip to "The City", aka Oklahoma City, this weekend along with hundreds of other country mice. The annual Farm Bureau State convention was this weekend and gotta brag...Major County hit the mother lode! We won several awards including the most prestigious award of "Farm Family of the Year". Congratulations to Scott and Brenda Neufeld!
What a kick to see cowboy hats, real pick-up trucks, and cowboy boots walking all over bricktown. The fall colors were out in full force so I couldn't resist pulling out my camera for a few shots.

The Devon Energy building makes me dizzy looking up at it. It will be the tallest building in the state at 50 stories tall. Not real comfortable standing in the vicinity with all the earthquakes we've been having lately!

We stayed at the historic Skirvin. What a beautiful hotel. I am so glad they restored it.

They tried to tell me it was haunted...I don't know about that. I never heard a thing and slept like a rock!

I really wanted to sit in this curvy chair right outside the elevator....It looked so very movie star! I was trying to act like a city mouse... so I didn't.
Loved getting away and being in the city for three days BUT just like the mouse in the story, I was ready to come home.  I can't drive, park or find my way around those spaghetti highways.
My skill set is definitely country living.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Photo Op

Had a much needed fun day last Sunday when I played pretend photographer and took to the streets of Enid with a very special lady. Our mission: Graduation Announcments!
Can't show the one she picked for her announcment but here are the rejects. Thank you sweet Kourtney. It was fun start to finish.

What a beauty and even prettier on the inside! 

 That was almost as fun as reading a good book!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Her Hands

Her Hands...for 50 years
  • They have touched me.
  • They have wiped away my tears.
  • They have patted my back in comfort.
  • They have known every  part of me.
Her hands,,,they have loved me.

Now my hands will
  • Touch her
  • Wipe away  her tears
  • Pat her back in comfort
  • Know every part of her
My hands will love her.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Look At Summer

Another great summer is in the books....

Autumn coming up......

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Endings

I love a happy ending! This past weekend I had the great pleasure to see a dear friend's daughter (my friend as well) marry the man she has waited so long to find.

The day was full of JOY! The wedding ceremony and reception was nothing short of perfection.
....and so it was with a heavy heart when two days later I attended the funeral of a wonderful man who had been married nearly 75 years. To his very last day, he continued to hold his wife's hand and they were fiercely in love... I'd say that was a very happy ending.
In the space of a few days, I witnessed the beginning of one beautiful love story and the ending of another.

If your crazy over weddings and you like a happy ending then the series "The Bride Quartet" by Nora Roberts is just for you. There are four books to the series, each based around four friends who run a wedding planning company.

Book one "Vision in White" chief character is the photographer. Book two "Bed of Roses" features the florist. Book three "Savor the Moment" is of course about the cake baker/decorator and the final book is "Happy Ever After" which of course ties it all together. The books are an easy quick read, no tears, kinda books that make you go "awww". I thought the whole idea was very clever of Ms. Roberts.

Hey there may be another happy ending in the someday future?
Look who got the bridal bouquet.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grandparents in Pre-School

They say all things come full circle and here we are again, back at about deja vu!

I have to admit I was super excited but also a little nervous. What if I didn't fit at the cafeteria table anymore! It was a tight fit over 15 years ago!!

After signing in we walked around the corner, looking for him.... 

Ah Ha! He found us and put all our fears to rest when he assured us he would show us just what to do!

First you need a name tag

(We are getting on in years and might forget who we are and why we're here!)

He was proud to introduce us to all of his teachers, show us his locker and the towel he uses for his naps.

 But the most important, up-to-date news?
So we had to tie....

and tie.....

and tie!!
This really put me at I know he will at least make sure my shoes are tied whence I am old and feeble!
Lunch at school is a unique experience. Kaiser has often said it reminds him of a swap meet..."I'll trade you my this for two of your that". Well there was no trading that day, but some serious choosing was going on.

Grammy, do you want chocolate or white?

might need to work on the table manners just a bit....
The lunch was great, but the company and conversation was the best. Preston made sure to tell us he was very good at school in fact he said, "I haven't even gotten a bustin' yet!"
Good to know......

We even got a card
When the meal was over Preston showed us how to clean up
and then it was time to say goodbye....

Ya know...this grandparent thing, it just keeps gettin' better!!