Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye to 2010

As the last day of the year approaches I have a tradition of taking down my calender and thumbing through the months. It's fun to look at the memos and remember all the activities that just zoomed past. It makes me sad in some ways but on the other hand, I put up the new calendar and am excited about filling in the dates. Such is life, beginnings and endings...can't have one without the other.


 So, what better way to end the blogging year by listing my notables from 2010 as well
as books I am looking forward to in 2011.

FAVORITE GOTTA READ- "The Forgotten Garden: A Novel" by Kate Morton

BEST SEQUEL- "Her Daughter's Dream" by Francine Rivers

BEST HOLIDAY BOOK- "Call Me Mrs. Miracle" by Debbie Macomber

BIGGEST LET DOWN- "Mini Shopaholic: A Novel" by Sophie Kinsella (sorry but I was disappointed)

 BOOK I COULDN'T FINISH- "Julie and Julia" by Julie Powell (you might like it, it just wasn't for me)

BIGGEST SURPRISE 2010- I actually posted a recipe! lol

CAN'T WAIT TO READ IN 2011- It's a tie...."Land of Painted Caves" by Jean Auel & "The Wild Rose" by Jennifer Donnelly

BIG MATERIALISTIC WISH- I'm saving for an ipad

May your mornings bring joy
and your evenings bring peace...
May your troubles grow less
as your blessings increase!
Happy New Year

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wrapped and Ready

Not happy! I have been doing this and that, running here, going time to read. Usually I read two or three holiday books by now. This year I can't seem to finish the one I have been reading since Thanksgiving. The book is"Christmas with Tucker" by Greg Kincaid. It is a prequel to "A Dog Named Christmas" and quite good. That's not the problem. The problem seems to be that every time I have a moment, I fall asleep.  Maybe now that I have my Christmas shopping done...Gifts are wrapped and ready... I can sit back and dig into my reading list.

 If your done and ready to sit by the fire with a good holiday book, I can recommend three of my favorites.
 "Skipping Christmas" by John Grisham is the book the movie "Christmas with The Kranks" was based on. The Kranks decide to skip all the Holiday hustle and bustle and go on a cruise for Christmas...until their daughter decides at the last minute to come home after all. It's one I read every year.

 Another favorite is "Blue Christmas" by Mary Kay Andrews. Things go awry when merchants lose their Christmas Spirit during a decorating contest.

And finally "The Christmas Sweater" by Glenn Beck. The ending was a total surprise and the book was heart'll love it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Deck The Halls

Today was spent decking our halls and reflecting on Christmas' past. I came across this little guy and his story made me smile. I thought you might enjoy it too.
I suppose I was 5 or 6 years old and it was time to decorate for Christmas. While my sister and I jumped and danced around the house with "Rudolph" playing on the television, my mother diligently search for the Christmas decorations. We had moved that year and though she looked high and low ALL the decorations were missing. As she broke the news to my sister and I, fat tears rolled down my cheeks. You see we had a special Santa Clause that topped our tree for long as I could remember.
Mom wiped my tears, grabbed her car keys, and off to TG&Y we went in search of a replacement Santa.
The shelves were literally bare of tree toppers except guessed it. This little guy here. The tears returned in earnest as I wailed "he is too ugly". Mom then told me his story. You see he hid behind all the other tree toppers, just waiting for me to get there. He knew that I would see his true beauty, and though no one else would pick him...he knew I would.
Well that was over 40 years ago and this guy (he has had a few hair transplants over the years) has always found a place of honor either on our tree or somewhere in our house.
As he looks down on me in all his glory, I know he is the most beautiful thing I own, He taught a little girl the meaning of compassion, love, and where beauty truly lies. And so every year he reminds me, that those gifts are the best Christmas Gifts we can give or receive.