Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Italy: The People

As I mentioned before, I received excellent advice before leaving for Italy...."Take pictures of the people" and she was oh so right.

What?! Dogs are people too...and this one was quite fancy. I called her Giovana.
And this is her cousin Luigi

Okay, Okay...The People

Lots of accordian players...

This lady was not an Italian...a silly tourist attempting to learn to ride a segway in a crowded piazza. I snapped her picture and RAN!

He so captivated me...I wanted to know what he was thinking as he sat there looking out toward the water.

She was very brave...didn't even flinch
A Gypsy

Venice is a very romantic city...

An artist at work

The people of Italy were welcoming and gracious.
Grazie mille bella Italy (A thousand thanks beautiful Italy)!!