Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saving The Best for Last

Yes, yes I know....we are off on yet another vacation. I am the first to admit we have been excessively blessed this year with our travels. This last trip is our annual Grand Lake Adventure. We spend a glorious week right on the banks of Grand Lake in the little town of Grove.
 The "resort" we stay in is a quaint little campground of cinder block cabins circa 1950's. Two of the families we vacation with have been coming to this same "resort" for over 15 years. It has everything from a slappin' screen door to a green vinyl couch!
But it is tranquil, peaceful, and right on the water. By morning the mist rolls over the lake and by night the tree frogs came out to serenade. (I don't know what a tree frog is....that's what Dennis calls them. I think he is pulling my leg).

What makes it so special is....

There's a whole lot of silliness going on

Some really good eatin'

A little friendly competition!

Some more silliness

FAmily TiMe!!

Good friends, Rest, Fellowship, and Rejuvenation!!

So yes, I have been thousands of miles this year, but my Grand Lake time....

Is like saving the VERY BEST for last!