Saturday, November 24, 2012

Whats it All About

All kinds of stories happen around the holiday season...some good some bad. Shopping, Black Friday, commercialism, on and on I could go. Today a good, no GREAT, thing happened that I have to share. It's a story that I am sure my family will tell for years to come.
We were shopping with Preston, our six year old grandson. Today was Bedlam and we have a house that is strongly divided! So me and Papa in crimson and cream while Preston, Tyler and Jami were decked out in orange. While the men were patiently waiting, (cough cough) a man about 30 years old carrying a brand new skate board approached Preston. He said, "How big an OSU fan are you?". Right away we could easily identify that this young man had had a stroke and his speech was effected. Preston stretched out his arms as wide as he could and said "Bigger than this!". The man smiled and said, "Well in that case this new skate board belongs to you! You see, I bought it for my nephew who is autistic and he isn't able to use it. The store wouldn't let me take it back so at least I know a big OSU cowboy fan will get use out of it".
Well we all swallowed hard and checked the tears in our eyes, as well as several people around us, while a six year old little boy learned a valued lesson. It's not about the best bargain. It's not about 3:00 am shopping, or shoving, or running to get the best spot in line. It's not about a lot if the things we get preoccupied with.
It is about a lot of different things. Things like that man with a skate board showed us in a crowded mall....and we will remember!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Sunday Afternoon

Recently took Mom on a Sunday afternoon drive to look at the foliage...
 We dilly dallied and forgot the sun goes down quick these days so missed out on catching the colors.

 But I was able to get some nice sunset shots instead

It's very beautiful...but we so need some rain

I've read some really great books lately, tell you all about them soon...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

An American Lives Here

My "Weekend Reflection" picture celebrates Labor Day. I am acutely aware of how blessed I am not only to live in American but also that I am a "working" American!
I proudly fly my American Flag and note it's beautiful reflection in the door of my home!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fun new Blog

Thanks to a friend, I found out about a new blog (new to me anyway) called "Weekend Reflections" where you post pictures of only reflections. There are some really neat pictures and photography ideas. While I was looking at the blog I remembered an accidental reflection picture I took of Chipper.
I wanted him to turn his head and look at me but he was intent on watching the birds in the front yard. I didn't realize I had gotten his reflection until later when I viewed it on my computer. I love happy accidents like this of my favorite photos of him.
Here is the blog link and I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Read a Good Book lately?

Three great books to tell you about....
2 out of 3 are places I happen to have been lately. I think I am subconciously choosing books to recapture my travels.

"The Homecoming of Samuel Lake"
 by Jenny Wingfield
I found this book while shopping in Salida, Colorado in a little bookstore. It was on a shelf marked "owner's favorites" so I had to try it out....I wasn't dissapointed!

This book is set in rural Arkansas (not anywhere I happened to be this year) and it feels like it is around the late 1950's. This is Jenny Wingfield's first novel and she does a great job creating a family with characters you feel you might know. This book has humor, heartache, and suspense. This book reminded me of  "Rainwater" by Sandra Brown and as you may know that is one of my favorites.

"The Shoemaker's Wife" by Adriana Trigiani
This book has been my favorite read this year. I may be a little bias because as soon as I returned from Italy, I read it. It took me rght back. But it is truly a fantastic book. A beautiful love story and epic novel. I can't do it justice so I will let Adriana Trigiani herself tell you about it.

"On Folly Beach" by Karen White          
A 1940's love story set on the edge of America during war world II. It's connected to present day when Emmy Hamilton discovers "messages" written in the margins of books bought at an estate sale. Emmy is grieving from her own war loss, and so she moves to Folly to learn to let go and solve the 1940's mystery.  From the first chapter I was hooked. I can usually figure out the ending of a book about mid-way through...this one had me until the last turn of the page.

Hope you enjoy one or all of them...let me know!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saving The Best for Last

Yes, yes I know....we are off on yet another vacation. I am the first to admit we have been excessively blessed this year with our travels. This last trip is our annual Grand Lake Adventure. We spend a glorious week right on the banks of Grand Lake in the little town of Grove.
 The "resort" we stay in is a quaint little campground of cinder block cabins circa 1950's. Two of the families we vacation with have been coming to this same "resort" for over 15 years. It has everything from a slappin' screen door to a green vinyl couch!
But it is tranquil, peaceful, and right on the water. By morning the mist rolls over the lake and by night the tree frogs came out to serenade. (I don't know what a tree frog is....that's what Dennis calls them. I think he is pulling my leg).

What makes it so special is....

There's a whole lot of silliness going on

Some really good eatin'

A little friendly competition!

Some more silliness

FAmily TiMe!!

Good friends, Rest, Fellowship, and Rejuvenation!!

So yes, I have been thousands of miles this year, but my Grand Lake time....

Is like saving the VERY BEST for last!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mountain climbing and Ghost Towns

Now those of you who know me, know I'm not a high adventure kind of gal. Riding down hill on my bicycle without hitting the brakes is about as wild as I want to get. Even so, I am a good sport so I donned a helmet and went mountain climbing in an ATV with my man. Ulterior motive? Picture taking!
...uh yeah, not me in the picture and we will leave it at that.
Here are the pictures of the good stuff.
crystal clear mountain streams...

Well we bumped and bounced (wheee fun) over to a mining ghost town called St. Elmo. Now that was fun and interesting too. The town was built in the 1800's for mining. There are still a couple of buildings in good shape that have been turned into stores.  

 Now you have to admit I am a pretty good shopper when I can find quality merchandise like this in a ghost's a talent!

 It was a little creepy. There was stuff in the buildings as though the people just walked away...

...but this little guy was pretty friendly! Hey wait a minute...I am adventurous. 
I fed a wild animal with my bare hands!!
On to the next great beyond....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Little Mountain Air

Greetings from Salida, Colorado!! 

This cozy little mountain town is full of fresh air and touts that it is "the biggest little art town in Colorado!" After a day of strolling down the historic downtown main street I would have to agree...and I got lucky! This weekend Salida is having their "art walk-around". The stores stay open until 9:00, there are street musicians, people milling about and all the local artist are at the stores. Really fun stuff. You may be wondering how in the world am I getting Kaiser on board? Well the true reason we are here is to do a little mountain climbing with the ATV.

Sorry Ladies, this hunk of man is allllll mine!!
But anyway I struck a brilliant compromise and said "You go 4-wheel to your heart's content, and I will reciprocate with shopping"...That's what you call a "win-win" situation.

Salida is truly a quaint little jewel tucked away between Aspen and Colorado Springs. It was so cute that my trigger finger got itchy and I had to take out my camera before I took out my wallet...

 They like really, they told me!

 Hey I tell ya, if it's not light houses with me, it's bicycles!

You know I am coming back here for my morning cup!
Salida was really great, and I was a good sport and went 4-wheeling with Kaiser one day. I got some fantastic stories and pictures of mountain scenery and even an abandoned mining town! Next post.....

Friday, June 15, 2012

Arrivederci Bella Italia

It's been awhile so thought I would finish up my trip to Italy with a few random, if not favorite, scenes.
 European Highspeed Bullet train....getcha there in a hurry! Like over 200 kph (124 mph)

It was a great way to travel and see the country side....

Even if it did go by too fast to take a good picture!!

This little fella wanted to come home with me but alas...suitcase was already overweight.
I've decided to make it my mission that where ever we go (along the coast that is) I'm finding a light house! Hey my spanish finally came in handy (Spanish and Italian are quite similar)...I tried to ask directions to this light house but the man didn't know the word "light house" I improvised and asked for "Luna Casa"? Snap, just like that he knew! Nice to know my bilingual skills are paying off!

"Like a Puppet on a String"
The shops in Italy, particularly Venice, have the most amazing window displays. 

Her joy is contagious!!
...and so I say "Ciao" to

Firenze (Florence)

Roma (Rome)


and finally my favorite....
VENEZIA (Venice)
TornerĂ² Bella Italia 
(I will return beautiful Italy)!!