Saturday, November 24, 2012

Whats it All About

All kinds of stories happen around the holiday season...some good some bad. Shopping, Black Friday, commercialism, on and on I could go. Today a good, no GREAT, thing happened that I have to share. It's a story that I am sure my family will tell for years to come.
We were shopping with Preston, our six year old grandson. Today was Bedlam and we have a house that is strongly divided! So me and Papa in crimson and cream while Preston, Tyler and Jami were decked out in orange. While the men were patiently waiting, (cough cough) a man about 30 years old carrying a brand new skate board approached Preston. He said, "How big an OSU fan are you?". Right away we could easily identify that this young man had had a stroke and his speech was effected. Preston stretched out his arms as wide as he could and said "Bigger than this!". The man smiled and said, "Well in that case this new skate board belongs to you! You see, I bought it for my nephew who is autistic and he isn't able to use it. The store wouldn't let me take it back so at least I know a big OSU cowboy fan will get use out of it".
Well we all swallowed hard and checked the tears in our eyes, as well as several people around us, while a six year old little boy learned a valued lesson. It's not about the best bargain. It's not about 3:00 am shopping, or shoving, or running to get the best spot in line. It's not about a lot if the things we get preoccupied with.
It is about a lot of different things. Things like that man with a skate board showed us in a crowded mall....and we will remember!


Cheri said...

This made me cry!

Jana said...

Wow, what a great memory for him...and us.