Saturday, August 11, 2012

Read a Good Book lately?

Three great books to tell you about....
2 out of 3 are places I happen to have been lately. I think I am subconciously choosing books to recapture my travels.

"The Homecoming of Samuel Lake"
 by Jenny Wingfield
I found this book while shopping in Salida, Colorado in a little bookstore. It was on a shelf marked "owner's favorites" so I had to try it out....I wasn't dissapointed!

This book is set in rural Arkansas (not anywhere I happened to be this year) and it feels like it is around the late 1950's. This is Jenny Wingfield's first novel and she does a great job creating a family with characters you feel you might know. This book has humor, heartache, and suspense. This book reminded me of  "Rainwater" by Sandra Brown and as you may know that is one of my favorites.

"The Shoemaker's Wife" by Adriana Trigiani
This book has been my favorite read this year. I may be a little bias because as soon as I returned from Italy, I read it. It took me rght back. But it is truly a fantastic book. A beautiful love story and epic novel. I can't do it justice so I will let Adriana Trigiani herself tell you about it.

"On Folly Beach" by Karen White          
A 1940's love story set on the edge of America during war world II. It's connected to present day when Emmy Hamilton discovers "messages" written in the margins of books bought at an estate sale. Emmy is grieving from her own war loss, and so she moves to Folly to learn to let go and solve the 1940's mystery.  From the first chapter I was hooked. I can usually figure out the ending of a book about mid-way through...this one had me until the last turn of the page.

Hope you enjoy one or all of them...let me know!