Saturday, August 14, 2010

Books of the past

Now that I have started this blog thing, it is all that is on my mind. Kind of like a new book, you know the kind that you just can't put down. So I would like share with you how all this "reading thing" got started. These are some of the books that opened up an imaginary world that I could travel to through the written word.
Laura Ingalls Wilder taught me to love reading long before the "Little House" television series. I still have my original set that my Grandmother got for me (one at a time) when I was in the third grade. Everyone who knows me, knows I have a passion for the "Wizard of Oz" however if you have never read the book you should. It is much different than the movie. Dorothy still gets home but her shoes were not Ruby! While we are discussing trivia, did you know that Julie Andrews, the famous singer/actor of "The Sound of Music" is also a children's author. She writes under the name Julie Edwards and penned one of my favorite childhood books "Mandy". If you have a little girl please read this to her or better yet get her a book of her own. Of all the gifts my Mother and Grandmother gave me, reading is one of the greatest.
Well, it is Saturday and there are cobwebs to clean...or better yet I think I shall re-visit a childhood favorite and read "Charlotte's Web" to Preston

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