Saturday, August 14, 2010

Getting Started

Well it's another sleepless night so I was surfing the net and reading some of my friends' blogs. After several false starts...I have a blog of my own. I plan to use it for sharing a thought about a good read (or a bad one), lots of bragging on my only grandson, posting a picture or two, and hopefully satisfying a secret desire to write.
Preston (The Grandson)
Don't look for many recipes here...I'm no cook. Although I do love to eat so expect a diatribe on my perpetual journey to shed pounds!
Kaiser (husband of 28 years) and I are slated to begin our second semester of Spanish Class, and that is always fodder for a good story. Kaiser provides the class with amusement because he speaks Spanish with an Asian accent. Go figure.

Kaiser (The Husband)
Good book lately? I read several this summer and seem to be stuck in a "beach" theme. Mary Alice Monroe's "The Beach House" and it's sequel "Swimming Lessons" were both very satisfying. Made me have a yearning to vacation in South Carolina (were the story takes place).  

I am anxiously awaiting the September release of "Mini Shopaholic" by Sophia Kinsella and also Jean Auel's latest in the Earth Children's series "The Land of the Painted Caves" which will be out in March of 2011.
Well the sleep that had alluded me has found me at last. The first post was rather uninspiring but fun. I'll work to improve though doubt that my fan base will complain.
Until then..."May the cobwebs collect in the corners while you find more important things to do than clean them!"

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Amy said...

Hey Dawn...You'll Love the Blog world! Glad to see you have one!! :) One more to add to my list!