Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dog Days=Good Reading

Wow it is unbelievably hot and when it is this hot, there is only one thing for it.
A tall glass of iced tea,

a comfy chair under the ceiling fan, and a great book.

I tend to stick with the same authors, but while I was in San Francisco a few years ago I was shopping at a Borders (my favorite) and came across a hidden treasure.

The author is Jennifer Donnelly ( and the books are "The Tea Rose" and it's sequel "The Winter Rose".  A third book in the series will be "The Wild Rose" and due out sometime in 2011.  I definitly recommend reading them in order. These stories take place in London starting in the year 1888 (there is a hint of "Jack The Ripper" in part of the story line). It is an epic tale and covers the lives of two families in the poverty stricken parts of London as well as America. Think Oliver Twist. Of course it is a great love story as well. If you liked "The Thornbirds" or even "Gone with The Wind" you will love these books.

Now for the bad news, and the reason you can't always just stick with one author and think it's a sure thing. Given that I loved the Rose series I attempted to read another one of her books called "A Northern Light". For me this book fell flat and it is one of the few books I couldn't make myself finish (oh that's a great idea for another blog... another day!). Cobwebs can wait...go grab one of these books!

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