Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nothing Better Than Small Town Life

I have been asked more times than I can count...what do you do for fun in Smallsville? Well let me tell you, we know how to have a good time with old fashion "clean?" fun. Kaiser was in a pig wrestling contest and my stomach is still sore from laughing. After the firetruck hosed him off we spent the rest of the evening walking around the county fair. 

Where else but a small town can you see a speckled hen, a brown spotted goat, and a cute little pink pig. People strolling around and actually talking with one another. Follow all that up with some home made peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream with your next door neighbor and my friends you have heaven right here on earth in my opinion.We know our neighbors here (and their kids). And we help one another.

And so it is in a little town called Lumby. Lumby is somewhere in the pacific northwest and has two main roads and quirky residents that keep you laughing. If you enjoy small town life you will enjoy these books. They remind me of our own little Smallsville. They are not meant to be terribly profound, just light reading to make you smile. If you're interested in the artwork, the author Gail Fraser, has a terrific website. There is a link where you can purchase the art from her book covers and other items (calanders, etc.) at  It isn't necessary to read them in order however I think you will find it easier to learn the main characters as they remain throughout the series.

We finished the evening by helping out a friend who needed a ride home. Home was 15 miles away but that's okay. I was grateful to do it. Grateful because I live in a place where you can ask a friend "to go an extra mile" and it's no problem. Grateful that I had the means to do it. Grateful that if I have a need tomorrow, my friends and neighbors will be there.

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