Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Love a Parade

Here we go, another new month but October happens to be my favorite. Since I will be having a birthday this month, I am thinking about my age and reflecting on the way things were when I was a girl. I find myself saying to other people my age, "Hey remember that show"....or "did you ever play with this toy or that game?" And oh my birthday was the most anticipated day of the year, right up there with Christmas and it seemed to take forever to come.

When I was in Kindergarten, they use to have a parade for Halloween. All the kids would dress up and it just so happened to fall around my birthday. I remember I thought they were having the parade just for me...that year I was "Miss America".

 Well I wasn't quite old enough to start first grade the next year, so I repeated Kindergarten again. When parade time came around this time it was on my birthday so I was convinced it had to be just for me. After the parade, I went home and found a new bike in the living room. Wow did I love that bike! It was red with a basket and I rode it everywhere.

Some things never change!

...all this leads me to a point. If you love reminiscing about the past, say from the 40's through the 60's, you might enjoy "Standing in the Rainbow" by Fannie Flagg.
It is a lovely book about a town called Elmwood Springs, Missouri and all the cast of characters who live there. You'll recall radio shows, drive in movies, diners, going to the beauty shop, lunch boxes, and black and white t.v. Fannie Flagg is a wonderful author who has written many best sellers including the book the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" was based on.

I've read all the books she has written and I liked them all but "Standing in the Rainbow" was my favorite. It reminded me of my childhood. Simple things during simple times.
I don't dread my birthday, but I wish I still had that feeling....the feeling that the parade was just for me!

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dcboyer said...

Loved your Miss America costume! Fannie Flagg is a great writer and I loved her on Match Game!