Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Magic

Halloween and I have been waiting for this very day to talk about my absolute favorite books

You had to know I am a huge fan. Yep, that was me standing in line at midnight every time for books 4 through 7. Even while on vacation!! I own every one and the audio tapes as well.

Love Love Love these books.
 The best part about the Harry Potter series is that it got kids excited about reading. Millions of kids, all over the world, have read these books. They are not small books either. Some are downright BOBs (remember big ole books) at over 700 pages.  My son, for the first time ever, actually read a book that had more than 300 pages when he was in middle school. This was a kid who hated to read but was eager for the next Harry Potter book to come out. Folks that is huge.
 If you have never read them, I implore you to pick up the first one, "Harry Potter and The Sorcere's Stone" and take it for a test drive. 
These books emphasis... Good over Evil, that cheaters never win, they champion strength in friendship, and that it's okay to be a bit different.
I admire J.K. Rowlings for her ability to get people of all ages to imagine again. That my friends is the true "MAGIC" in all of her books.

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Erica said...

Hey Dawn,
Its Erica...I do remember when Ryan told me you have to read this book and I did and I feel in love with all of them all because Ryan told me too... How I miss those days lol! I love your blog so much and enjoy it a ton!