Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wild West Weekend

I am completely overwhelmed by my blessings. I had such a wonderful weekend with all of the birthday wishes from my friends, and then spending the day with my kids and grandson. 

Frontier City has now seen three generations of my family. I can remember going as a small girl, then taking both my boys there and now Preston has been.


It's showing it's age, but who isn't? We had a great time shooting at bandits, riding the Silver Bullet, and doing a little mining.

 We had important lessons that every kid has to learn....Hands up on the roller coaster or your chicken!!

Peeking out from the balacony of The Blue Ox Hotel

Even though I am a year older...I can still spin with the best of 'em!

Oh and look what I found...a new backdrop for my blog!

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