Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eating Crow

 I went to Nebraska the first of this week, and as much as it pains me, I have to say "I was wrong". All last week I was be-moaning the fact that Kaiser had a seminar in all places...OMAHA,NEBRASKA. Of all the 52 states that I would like to visit, Nebraska would have been number 52.  Given that I am a huge OU fan, and that I dearly love the Big 12, suffice it to say I wasn't enthused about our trip.

My first surprise came when I on the way we passed through The Flint Hills of Kansas. Have you ever seen it? Gorgeous. No fences, No houses, No trees.. just pure softly rolling hills of prarie grass. It looked like a sea of green grass.

The pictures don't do it justice. I had to take them out of a rolled up window at 70 miles per hour!

As we came into Nebraska I began to see the corn fields. The stalks of corn were dried but they had not been harvested yet. They went on and on, mile after mile. It was amazing to see fields this large of anything other than wheat. I grew up in the deep northwest corner of Oklahoma so I have learned to appreciate beauty in all of God's landscaping. Here in the heartland, the beauty I see is God providing for his children. He gave us this place where we could abundantly grow food to eat, a place for cattle to roam, and a place where you can marvel at the great expanse of sky and feel how truly small you are in the scheme of things.

So, I do apologize Nebraska. I'm glad I came to see ya. I appreciate the corn you grow and the beauty of your lands and fields. You are a brother of the heartland and I am proud that we feed America.
I still think your football politics stink!

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