Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mothers and Daughters

My Grandmother once told me it was a good thing I never had a daughter because she said, I wouldn't relate or get along well with girls. Well as usual Granny was probably right . My Mother on the other hand had two girls and as you can see she related to us very well. There was nothing, no matter how crazy, she wouldn't do for us. Even dress up as a bunny for a Kindergarten parade! Sometimes Mother/Daughter relationships are like total sync. The love and understanding flow easily.

All to often, there are the relationships that come hard. The love is just as fierce, but there is no peace in the house. It is as though nothing is ever done the way the other would have had it. The  relationship gets sidetracked with misunderstanding, lack of communication, and perhaps a large dose of pride gets in the way.

That is the problem for Marta and Hilde in Francine Rivers' novel "Her Mother's Hope". You will find yourself rooting for both of these characters who could almost...but not quite, have a beautiful Mother/ Daughter friendship. The story begins in the turn of the century when Marta's own mother dies and she is forced to flee an abusive home and head out on her own for America. The story continues and spans decades through WWII. 

If you like it as much as I think you will, you will be anxious and excited for it's sequel "Her Daughter's Dream" which is released this coming Tuesday (9-14-10).

This book made me grateful for the relationship I have with my Mom and my Grandmother. I have been asked many times if I wished I had had a girl...Nope! Of course God always has it right and gave me just what I needed and would be good at...raising boys.

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