Sunday, September 5, 2010

Company Is Comin'

It's a holiday weekend and the kids are coming home....better make cookies and all their favorites. In my house my cooking is a joke. My idea of homemade is to rip open a package, carefully follow all instructions and hope for the best.

I have a few dishes that are my kids' favorites. Ryan likes chicken and noodles and Tyler likes Mexican casserole, Mika likes my pasta salad, and I haven't learned what Kourtney likes yet BUT Kaiser wants ribs and of course it is cookies for Preston. So the cooking commenced in earnest Friday night and when all was done... it looked like Hurricane Earl hit the west side of my house.

As I have often said, I have no recipe to share...anything you see here you can go to the store and buy the mix.
 I do have a book (of course) to share that is about cooking. Not a cookbook, not a how to book....but a hilarous book about a cooking show and it's star. It is by Mary Kay Andrews and it is called "Deep Dish". Anything by this sassy southern belle is down right funny, and she will make you laugh straight out loud. I got hooked on her books when I read "Blue Christmas" and haven't picked up anything she has written that I didn't like.
Well the refrigerator is full so bring it on. There will be no time for reading this weekend, it is packed full of plans. Last big summer fling before we put up the boat, swim suits, and flip flops.

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