Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are You My Mother?

I was walking home from work today when I heard  a bird just raising thunder! There in front of me was this little guy and three of his brothers.
Try as he might, he just could not get
over that curb.

His brothers all scattered but he just couldn't seem to find the way.  The little guy's mama was frantically running back and forth whistling and chirping for him to hop upShe was not going to leave her little straggler behind and she was none to happy that I was there.
I herded the lil' feller to a break in the curb...up he went running to hide under his mother's wing.
Well, I pondered the whole event the rest of my way home and thought what a lovely tribute for Mother's Day. Isn't that what our mothers do? When we fall off the curb of life and can't get up, they don't give up on us till we are back on solid ground.

That little bird reminded me so much of a book my Mother use to read to me.

It always made me cry but I still wanted her to read it to me any way.

Thanks Mom...for keeping me up on solid ground!

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Cheri said...

I loved this book as a little girl and I read it to Whitney when she was little. it always made me sad when I read it but i always knew it had a happen ending.