Monday, May 9, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow Part 2

There is always a little good news...a little bad news in the life of a farmer. The weather has played havoc on my little patch of farmland. First my poor babies almost froze to death (I know I know, I planted before tax day). Then the 103 degree heat in May and no rain hasn't helped. To tell the truth they are a little confused. So, the bad news is
The pepper plants and the cucumbers are having a MIGHTY struggle.....

The good news is the squash, while a little weak in the knees, does have a bloom and so do the tomato plants.

The bad news.....I think the lettuce is a complete loss (didn't even have the heart to take a picture)

The good news is...I have a bumper crop of radish

The bad news....I don't really like radish.

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