Friday, April 8, 2011

I Love A Rainy Night

We were blessed with an unexpected, long awaited down pour, complete with hail, wind, thunder and lightning this afternoon. The smell and the sound was magnificant.

 I stood in the protection of my garage and soaked it up! I swear I heard the trees, grass, and flowers say "Ahhhhh".

 Thats right! I watered in the rain. No way was I turning off that sprinkler....I didn't want to stop the rain.

 I wanted to prance with the rain drops!
 It was short lived but the sky
was beautiful with the clearing.

The critters came out and the birds were singing praises.

Tonight the clouds are rolling back in...
the thunder is
grumbling in the distance as
the sun goes down.

Oh yeah....I love a rainy night!

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Cheri said...

your pictures are so pretty!