Friday, January 14, 2011

Who's Looking?

I just finished Fanny Flagg's new book "I Still Dream About You". I'm not quite sure how to critique this book. I did like it, but it was somewhat slow, not a big "Wow". So why is it that I can't stop thinking about the message. The whole book is about an aging southern beauty queen, Maggie, who decides quite calmly to exit the stage gracefully (she is going to jump in the river). One reason or another she keeps getting sidelined on "D" day. Throughout the entire book you keep thinking, "Maggie, this character looks up to you, or that character admires you. You mean the world to this friend or that co-worker"...but sadly Maggie just can't see it.
I wonder how many people are looking up to me and I just don't see it. How many are watching what I say and do, and it matters to them. I  think about that great commercial of Liberty Mutual's where one person watches someone else do a kindness and then pays it forward.

(Scroll down and pause my music before playing or it will drive you nuts!)

I'd like to think that I am mindful about the things I say and do as though someone were watching....but I don't think that would be the truth. I know I can do a much better job and I am going to work on it.
So as far as the actual story and plot of this book...I give it a thumbs up.
As for the message....TWO thumbs up. 


Sweet Pea said...

I LOVE your photos that you have taken in the Fall, Winter and Christmas! They are beautiful! You have a gift with photography! :)

cobwebbcorner said...

thanks Marshalene...I'm not very good but I love to take pictures! Thank goodness for digital cameras... I used to spend a fortune on film :)