Sunday, April 29, 2012

Italy: The Sights part two

If our trip to Italy was like fine dining, then Venice was definitely the dessert.
Ahh Venezia....
There was no modern city here, no cars of any kind. It was peaceful and relaxing with the sound of church bells constantly in the distance. The streets were narrow, so narrow that many times Kaiser and I couldn't walk side by side.

Winding down the maze of streets with quaint little shops and restaurants, we turn a corner to find the maze unexpectantly open up to a piazza or square...simply enchanting.

But Venice by water?
Oh yes please....
It is known as "The City of Canals"
"The City of Bridges"

...and of course "The City of Romance"

Particularly after Dark


And so, like the rich dessert that Venice is...we will savor it But...
Return for another helping another day!!!


Jana said...

How beautiful, I would love to go....someday. It looks amazing and you look like you had a great visit.

Mema's Creation's and More said...

Beautiful pics, Dawn!! Love the after dark ones and the one of you and Kaiser in the boat(gondola) Would be a trip of a lifetime!!