Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow Part 3

As I was pondering the garden the other day I saw my neighbor and called her over to take a look. She's an old hand at gardening and you see things just aren't growing the way I had envisioned. If you remember I am using Ed's high yield, never-fail W-O-R-D system. I have read the book cover to cover and followed Ed's advice to the letter.
  • Plant in a Wide bed-CHECK                            
  • Using Organic method- CHECK
  • Raised bed- CHECK
  • Deep soil- CHECK

So my neighbor ambles up and I say, "It's not going so good, what do you think?". She calmly takes one look and says, "Yep, you got bugs!". I just looked at her with panic in my eyes. I have alot riding on this garden. I am using this garden as proof positive that "reading is fundamental" and that you can accomplish anything if you just have the right book. FOR PETE'S SAKE....THAT IS WHAT THIS BLOG IS ALL ABOUT!!!!
Now that the diagnosis was made, I needed a cure! Quick as you please she sends me to the pantry for self-rising flour and tells me to dust everything good. I thought about seeing what Ed had to say about it but threw caution to the wind and got the flour.

Two days later the plants look better, they all have new leaf growth and some are producing fruit! WOW!!

So long've been replaced.

As my neighbor walked away her parting advice was this:

"By the way Dawn, thanks for bringing over some lettuce from your garden BUT...when you harvest it don't pull it out by it's roots, it won't grow back!"
Dang it Ed, your really makin' me look bad!

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