Sunday, April 29, 2012

Italy: The Sights part two

If our trip to Italy was like fine dining, then Venice was definitely the dessert.
Ahh Venezia....
There was no modern city here, no cars of any kind. It was peaceful and relaxing with the sound of church bells constantly in the distance. The streets were narrow, so narrow that many times Kaiser and I couldn't walk side by side.

Winding down the maze of streets with quaint little shops and restaurants, we turn a corner to find the maze unexpectantly open up to a piazza or square...simply enchanting.

But Venice by water?
Oh yes please....
It is known as "The City of Canals"
"The City of Bridges"

...and of course "The City of Romance"

Particularly after Dark


And so, like the rich dessert that Venice is...we will savor it But...
Return for another helping another day!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Italy part one: The Sights

Never would I have dreamed I would one day travel outside of the United States... so when the opportunity was given to Kaiser and I to go to Italy, needless to say I felt incredibly blessed! Of all the places I wanted to go (bucket list and all that) Italy topped the charts. My first thought was, "I need another battery for my camera!" I took over 1100 pictures...I couldn't stop myself.  I had a desperate need to take as many pictures as possible to believe I was really there.
My friend called me the day before I left and said "Don't take pictures of just the sights, take pictures of the people". So as we traveled from Rome south to Sorrento then north to Venice, I was captivated. In several different blog posts, I hope I can take you with me through my camera lens .
Roof top view of the ancient city of Rome. From this vantage point it is easy to understand the phrase "All Roads lead to Rome".
Rome is synonymous with the Colosseum. I had just finished reading a series of books by Francine Rivers "The Mark of the Lion" which is set in Bible times, so it really took me there. A feeling like I had never had before came over me as I stood  looking at the very arena where men fought to the death, a place where Christians were fed to lions, and all the while Romans watched and cheered as their blood was spilled.

In this busy crowded city,  random ancient ruins sprout up within a city that has just politely built around them.
The majority of Michelangelo's work is found in Italy. His three most famous statues: "The David", "The Moses" and "Pieta" as well as the fresco paintings in the Sistine Chapel. Unfortunately no cameras allowed in the Sistine Chapel.

Moses sporting horns is a little disturbing...the guide said it was to show power and appear as rays of light when the sun came through the window.

This statue is found in St. Peter's Basilica in The Vatican City. It is my most favorite statue because it shows Mary's love for her son following the crucifixion. It is the only statue Michelangelo signed.

"The David" (as in David and Goliath) found in Florence. This is actually a copy that sits outside in a piazza. The original is in a museum (no pictures allowed). One thing you have to know about Michelangelo....he didn't care much for clothes in his artwork.
The beautiful Trevi Fountain

A coin thrown in the fountain ensures a return trip to Rome. Of course I threw in my coin plus a few extra. (Over 3,000 Euros are thrown into the fountain daily and the money is used to subsidize a market for the needy.)

Are you tired yet? I about wore the soles off a pair of shoes with all the walking we did. Fortunately there were plenty of sidewalk cafes to grab a glass of wine, or coffee, or perhaps some Gelato (ice cream) and watch the people go by....Ahhh but lets save that for another day!