Thursday, December 8, 2011

Remember the Magic of Christmas

During my usual holiday reading, I came across a short story "Dakota Christmas" by Joseph Bottum. In the story the author reflects on the simple wonder and joy a child experiences Christmas morning. I began thinking about those Christmases long ago...remembering the joy of bounding out of bed to see what Santa had left beneath the tree. No artificial tree either. A real poky pine needle one with gobs of icicles placed helter skelter. We had a tradition of No one allowed in the living room until all parties were awake. My sister and I would start attempting to get my parents up around 4:00 a.m. We would creep into their room and whisper, "Mama can we get up now, can we see?" Once we got the approval, bare feet would race down the stairs and then the squealing would begin!

There really is nothing quite so beautiful and innocent as a child beneath the Christmas tree, brown eyes sparkling in anticipation. This little beauty is my sister.

What was your favorite toy? Was it a new bike with streamers on the handle bars, or an Easy Bake Oven? How about that  doll that cried, ate, and did "the buisness" like a real baby. Were you a cabbage patch kid, or a baby alive? I was a Barbie girl all the way. Did Santa leave the presents wrapped or unwrapped. What were your Christmas traditions and are you passing them on...or making new ones. I hope you are because those memories are the magic that is
....Christmas Morning....