Friday, March 11, 2011

Looking for Spring

Having a bad case of the winter doldrums so I decided it was time to shake out of the sweater, and go lookin' for a little spring. As I walked to work for the last several days, I toted my camera around with me always on the look out... and sure enough here is what I found.

The strawberries at the grocery store were delicious.

Stores are starting to put out the bedding plants...but beware of March blizzards.

And how does Spring get here?  IT BLOWS in with the wind!!

Some may call them weeds....but when my boys would pick and give them to me, they were lovely like roses!

In just a day or two these Bradford Pear Trees will be bursting with blossoms 

 These little guys were peeking out so I yelled up
 "Glad to see ya back"

This is what you call a REAL blooming onion!!
 Thank you Lord for the rain! It was amazing the day after the rain came, everything started turning green and  blooming.

Here comes the sun

Nothing says spring like the first sighting of the Robins and the melting of the snow!

Okay...I feel better. Anyone up for some shopping? I need some short sleeves and flip flops!!